Bedding is a source of comfort and relaxation for a tired body and exhausted mind. When a tired person lays on bed, he wants to transfer his all fatigue to bed and to take calmness on return. Without a comfortable mattress we cannot idealize a relaxing sleep. Mattresses are of different kinds and qualities, and we prefer obviously reliable quality mattresses those are soft, fluffy, warm and humble. Bed sheets are used to cover the bed, but we also use mattress protectors to protect the mattress from being damaged. To choose the protector we have to notice a few points like the protector should be comfortable, its stuff should not so stiff that it can affect the comfort bedding. We also need to protect the mattress from getting wet during daily use. Normally in bed rooms we take the jug of water, if incidentally it falls on mattress, it will not be dried easily. So proctor’s duty is not only to save the mattress from damages but also from the wetness. But in this we can’t lose the comfort of mattress. We have to select the mattress that is made of comforting fabric and it should not hurt the softness of mattress. Accomplish all these purposes; quilted waterproof mattress protector is the best. It can make the bedding soft and can also save the mattress form wetness and damages as well.